Sample to keyboard

So how do i attach sample to keyboard so it changes pitch, like this guy

Drag it into sampler track.

I am completly new, wher do i find sample track in Halion?

It’s not in Halion.

I Use |Cubase LE AI Elements 9, i can choose only from chord pad, mixconsole, and editor, is there any plug in for sample track?

LE, AI and Elements are 3 different versions.
I think Elements has Sample Track but maybe you use LE or AI (came free with hardware) and it doesn’t have it.

If you have Groove Agent you can do it this way

Or you can download a free vst sampler

fomitron, if you talk about Elements, then you already upgraded your free LE AI to Elements. It’s right? Then you can add Sampler track and drag&drop sample from MediaBay or Explorer to Sampler control tab - there is text “Drop Audio Sample Here!”. Do you see that?