Samplemodeling Brass expression maps

Does anyone else have a good, working Expression Map for the Samplemodeling Trumpet or Trombone library? I have no problem getting the mute keyswitches to work, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get the jazz articulations to play back correctly. Page 34 of the Trumpet manual seems pretty straightforward for this, but it’s not working for me. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

I’m revisiting my Expression Maps for these and am still wondering if anyone had any tricks or tips with these libraries. @dan_kreider, you have the Trumpet now, right?

I seem to be getting the best results with CC11 Dynamics, and then using a Secondary Dynamic on CC7. In the VST instrument, click the settings cog and enable Controller/“Accept standard controllers for volume (#7)” Is anyone handling dynamics differently?

Also, I can’t get any of the jazz articulation keyswitches to work. Has anyone figured these out? The mute switches on CC100 work fine.

I’m using slightly different vibrato settings for each instrument, otherwise it’s even more artificial sounding, so I ended up making expression maps for each instrument, rather than just one for all trumpets for example. Here’s sort of my current state of things straight out of Dorico/VEP with no editing using a typical big band brass section (4 trumpets & 4 trombones). The falls aren’t playing back however, and panning is from the conductor’s viewpoint in my VEP template, so obviously different from the original recording which was trumpets right, trombones left.

I would definitely welcome any other tricks, tips, or advice, especially if anyone has gotten falls to work!

I do have the trumpet, but I’ve only used it in a DAW! I love it, for the record…

I’m still sticking with NP for Dorico and nicer sample libraries for DAW work.

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NP is great of course, but unfortunately it’s virtually unusable for jazz work. It would be amazing if Arne came out with a separate jazz interpretation preset in NP4, but for now I need to keep fiddling with other brass libraries. I really like the SM libraries though, I’m just at a loss as to how to get the keyswitches to work in Dorico. Do they work fine in a DAW? (I haven’t tried them in a DAW yet.) I’d be pretty happy with these if I could just get falls and other jazz articulations working.