Sampler- can you trigger samples when you release?

Hello all

I want to do the following: put two samples into the sampler track. One of me saying “Stahhhhhhhh” and another with “P” .

I want to create the word “stop” at any specific length depending on when I release the key. Releasing the key would trigger the “p” sample.

Does this ability exist? If not, I could just say a short version of “stop” and enable the looping during the “ahhhhhh” phase.

But I’d rather not be forced into that.

Thanks all!

edit: this could be done maybe with midi mapping? One note’s “note off” could trigger a new note?

Which sampler do you refer to?
Sampler Track,
a sampler VSTi,
or a hardware sampler?

I meant the sampler track. I’ve edited my post now to say that.

No but you can do it backbone and halion

Thanks. Is the included halion sonic se capable of this? If not, I’ll use looping in the sampler track. I need to find free solutions. Not only because they’re free but because they push me creatively.

It might not be what you need but you can slice the vocal sample. Your Staaahh would be on the first note and the Ppp would be on the next key.
You’d have to press two different keys but you’d have full timing control.
If the slice points are placed incorrectly you can move them with the mouse and delete them with Alt + Left Mouse.