Sampler does not work properly

So I throw a sample into sampler then edit it. And when I got back to piano roll all changes were not saved and applied. The Loop function does not work in edit mode in sampler.

IPhone 11, cubasis 3.4.3, 15.3.1
Sampler (2.6 MB)

Did you assign to keys and saved it as an instrument?

Hi @b1vckl0rd,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Below please find three tutorials that explain how to use the MiniSampler and how to create your own instruments.:

How to Use the MiniSampler in Cubasis | Getting Started with Cubasis

How To Use The MiniSampler In Cubasis 3 To Create Custom Instruments | MobileMusicPro

Cubasis Minisampler Tutorial for iPad, Making Great Samples |
The Sound Test Room

Please let me know if this helps.