Sampler in a different window


People have already asked for this, but i prefer the sampler to be open in a separate window, just like how you can set the Editor to be activated in
a separate window.
Personally i don’t like the lower zone option, i find it clutters and slows my workflow down, hence why i use 2 monitors.

Please sort this out in the next update please, this is the only thing that puts me off using the sampler in cubase!

thanks :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

You can open the Sampler Editor in the dedicated window. Click to the Open in Separated window, in the right-top corner of the editor. In the Preferences > Editors, you can set it up so the editor immediately opens in the new window while double-click.

hiya pal

Ive tried that and still opens in the lower zone, there for i have to click on the arrow to open in another window, i just prefer if would open on my other monitor instead of returning to the lower zone everytime i open it.

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:


What about other editors (Key Editor, Sample Editor)? Do they open in the dedicated window?

Same problem here, i use dual screen setup too. Other editors opens in new window, but sampler track opens in lower zone(