Sampler is making Latency is this normal??

I can see and feel this latency, I rendered in place to check if was just my feeling but I can see there is some latency on the signal… this is a hi hat

can somebody confirm? is this something that going to be fixed in maintanice update? I just updated to latest version for having this sampler and is causing this :frowning:

That hihat isn’t perfectly trimmed, it’s not a SamplerTrack bug. But it’s humanly impossible for you to hear a difference of about 0.02 ms.

well I hear and I feel the difference when I put that hi hat out from sampler… and if you make a layer with that hi hat in audio channel and in sampler channel, you can hear the latency… and than there is moved a little bit… its obvious … you dont need to be a super human or have a superman ear to listen and feel that.

I can upload a image later of how it looks original hi hat before be rendered from the sampler channel… and you will see there is no “space” in the beginning as you can see in the first example