Sampler Multitimbral

Only one sample possible per instance in the sampler?


If you need a sophisticated sampler, use HALion, please.

Groove Agent SE is bundled with Cubase and allows velocity layer, round robins etc.

I’ll take that as a no.

Er, no…it’s a yes… It is indeed only one sample per instance of the sampler.

However, as Manike suggested you can get multi-timbrality and more using Groove Agent SE.

I stand corrected.
Thx for the info.

While I certainly can’t disagree with this statement, I just want to say that there is a HUGE difference between the sampler track and Halion. I own the full version of Halion, and I would definitely like a sampler that is somewhere between the sampler track and Halion. Ableton Live has a basic sampler in “Simpler”, and then they also have the more feature rich “Sampler”. It would be nice if Cubase had something like “Sampler” that’s has more features than the sampler track, but not all the “bells and whistles” of Halion.

I wonder if Steinberg are planning to do a logic type thing where plugs can appear in the lower zone - so in that case they’d want 3 separate sampler type instruments that do different jobs - a quick sampler track which already appears in the lower zone, Halion or Groove Agent.

However I agree, a few additions to the sampler track would be welcome.

If need be I can still use my trusty old Roland XV 5080 and S-760.
I was looking more for convenience,
I’ve gotten spoiled over having to turn on an outboard unit, plug it in etc,

Groove Agent 4 can be used as a sampler too.

I do wish Steinberg would expand the sampler track to add more than one sample as well :slight_smile: