Sampler, Quick Control and Kontak automation

Hi everyone !
I can’t solve my problem by my own so I decided to write that here.

I was a Ableton user and one of the thing that I miss in Cubase ( or maybe I don’t know that it possible) is clicking on parameters and learn it by moving fader or knob, for example cutoff in Sampler or any other parameters.
I was using quick controls but I realize every time i switch it on, my MIDI CC in Kontakt library is different, so my dynamic, expression etc is gone when Quick control is on and, when its off I lose control on my cutoff, resonance etc in Sampler.

So my question is : how to assigned my MIDI controller (Korg nanoKONTROL2) to control for example cutoff in Sampler ? without Quick Control, so I can use Kontakt library expression dynamic etc. normally.