Sampler to use? help!

Hi everyone,

I recently got a microphone to record some sounds/percussions etc. And what i am missing right now
Is a easy way to change the note/octaves of a sound i recorded into Cubase.

The audio editing in Cubase doesn’t seem that handy so i am looking for a good, and easy alternative.

I guess what i am looking for is a sampler? by the way, it would be even better if i could drag amd drop
The recorded sound from within cubase to that vst program/sampler.

Any suggestions and/or tips?

Thank you.

Halion 4

Hi Shinta,

i will chech halion 4 out. Do you know if its a included vst within cubase 6 ?


Halion 4 is probably great but unless you intend becoming a power sampler user could be overkill or overpriced at nearly £300.

You could do worse than have a play with Vember Shortcircuit (v1.x Do not bother with v2) which is a free basic sampler. Works fine for quickly laying stuff out across your keyboard or using as a percussion sampler

Thanks for the suggestion Grim!

Does this sampler also allow me drag/dropping my cubase audio clips into the vst?


It does drag & drop with one caveat…it seems to load the original wav rather than any cut event…it does set the part you cut as an event as the active section so it only affects the waveform view & maybe uses more memory.

Could be useful as you can then scan backwards & forwards in the sampler to try out different hits.
Or you can always bounce selection on just that event before dragging…the small event then becomes the original file for the event so that is all that gets dropped in to the sampler.

Actually got it open now to confirm this & I have to retract my “basic sampler” comment…It’s actually got a lot more editing capability than I remembered.
It’s completely free so you have nothing to lose giving it a try.

Thanks Grim!

i will give it a try today. It sounds pretty good.

GA1 can be used as sampleplayer too.
Drag and drop support only from the Media Bay though.

I wonder why Steinberg doesn’t include a basic sampler with Cubase. Just a simple drag/drop thingy, where you drop sample, and can play it with midi keyboard… Need not be anything fancy, no competition to Halion. Just let me drag/drop one single sample to something, and I can play it immediately. Too much to ask?

You can drag and drop a sample to Groove Agent ONE and play immediately with a MIDI controller…as the 2nd post up indicates.

You can also chop up a sample in the “Sample Editor”, and drag and drop all the slices (as the whole sample) onto their own individual pads in Groove Agent ONE, automatically. Just slice it up and press alt (or shift or something of the sort. Cant think of the command off hand) while dragging it into GA ONE. Just make sure you are low enough in the octaves to fit all the following slices on the remaining pads/notes.

No, not really. I want to play melody and chords, not trigger drums or other clips.

To use GA1 for melody and chords I would have to manually make copies of sample, and then transpose them each by semitones. For 2 octaves I’d have to make 24 samples. This makes no sense.

If nothing else, at least Steinberg could make automated proces for this, as additional GA1 mode. With one click or drag/drop, to make files, transpose them and load to GA1 pads. I could live with that. But transposing 24 samples manually, each by semitome more than preivious, thats no fun at all.

Sorry for my misunderstanding. I thought all you mentioned was drag n play. I agree that that process can be quite tedious, when mapping a broad range.

I agree Sonicstate … Pretty odd Cubase sells Halion 4 seperatly. It seems its just a important part of Cubase for alot of users.

If anyone else has some more suggestions. Keep them coming!

By the way… Halion 4 looks like the perfect solution indeed… But, 300,-?? I don’t think so.

That’s 300 for the sampler engine and a ton of content.

For ease of use and perfectly suited for your needs … to repitch drum hits … get this.

I like ShortCircuit, but IMO the ‘Uvi Sound Engine’ is the best and highest sound quality free VSTi going. Hell, it’s the sound engine Spectrasonic used.

Cubase has always been the best DAW with the poorest included package of VSTi. It’s not going to change. You’re going to have to pay to get their good stuff … like Halion 4 or the $500.00 Neve fx plugins.