Sampler Track Audio Corrupted/Not copied in Back up Project

I always do a Back Up Project when finishing a project to ensure everything is in the correct place. However, I’ve noticed in Cubase 10 that audio files from Sampler Tracks are not copied correctly, resulting in no audio being output from the sampler tracks when loading the backup copy. This is a pretty huge bug!


Does it mean the Sampler Track has no content (there is MIDI data only, but not the sample itself)?

The samples are not loaded. The midi data is there.


I just tested this, and I cannot reproduce it. My steps:

  1. Record an Audio File.
  2. Add a Sampler Track and move the recorded Audio file to the Sampler Track.
  3. Add another Sampler Track and move a file from MediaBay internal Cubase library to the Sampler Track.
  4. Record some MIDI data to both Sampler Tracks.
  5. Save the project.
  6. Backup the project
    6.1) Keep Current Project Active is enabled.
    6.2) Do Not Back up Video is enabled.
    6.3) All other options are disabled.
  7. Close the project.
  8. Open the backup project.

=> I can hear both Sampler Tracks.