sampler track audio path

hi there.
i use an external drive for samples but when i drop samples into the project i always have them copy to the audio folder of the project so i can mix without my sample library plugged in…

for some reason when i drop samples on to the sampler track it dousnt copy them to the audio folder in the project, instead it uses the location on my sample library. this means i have to plug in my external drive every time i want to mix the track.
my question is, can i some how go into the pool and have those samples moved to the audio folder in the project without disturbing the current settings in the project? i noticed that if i drop a sample into the sampler track it resets the sampler track settings.

also how do i make it so that in the future when ever i drop an audio file onto the sampler track it copies it to the audio folder in the project?

Drag your files on to the sampler track like you are doing and then select ‘prepare archive’ form the media menu.