Sampler track blank in new window ?

Just started using the Sampler track and have a problem …
If I open a Sampler track in the main screen it’s fine, if I then move it to a new window it’s exactly the same.
If I then close it from the main screen, the new window becomes blank except for “Drag Audio Sample Or Midi Part Here”

Using Pro 10.5.20 on a Windows 10 PC

Any suggestions ?
Thank you.


Could you make a screen recording, please? I’m not sure I understand your use case 100%. Thanks.

Yes, I could make a couple of screenshots but can’t see how to post an attachment here …

Ah, I see I have to go to the full editor window …

Screenshot 1 is open in lower zone and new window. Screenshot 2 is when I close the lower zone and the new window goes blank …


I see, I can reproduce it, now. I would say that’s kind of Empty Sampler Track window. As you can see on the track, the Sampler (Editor) is not open anymore.

Thanks for your reply.

When you close the lower zone window, the other window should remain open to use as normal, with all funstions available… at least it does on a friend’s Cubase …

I’m using all the default settings for the windows etc …


It works the very same way as it works on your side here on my side. And it works the very same way in all Cubase version I have tested (10.0.60, 10.5.0, 10.5.10).

Hmmm … doesn’t make sense to me. I thought the idea was to use it on an external monitor and not in the lower zone


I agree, other editors work different way. But I have never seen it to work the other way.