Sampler Track Brings Lower Zone and Doesn't Open in a Window

This is no party crasher but Cubase does not work consistently with the behaviour of opening editors in a window using sampler track.

  1. Go to file->Preferences->Editors

  2. Select from the second list box “Double-Click Opens Editor in a Window”

  3. Select from the second list box “Open Editor Commands Open Editors in a Window”

  4. Apply those preferences

  5. Create a new Project or open an existing one.

  6. Click left on the upper right on the little arrow-down left of the small gear wheel and disable lower zone. The lower zone goes away as expected or it isn’t still there if this item was unchecked.

  7. Now create a sampler track. This brings the editor in front, but not in a window. It opens in the lower zone.

  8. Try to disconnect the sampler editor by clicking on the upper right arrow of the sampler editor. The Sampler Editor is opened in a separate window as expected but the lower zone editor stays on the project view. So it’s clear that a separate view is implemented.

  9. Now disable the lower zone by clicking either on the left bottom (x) of the lower zone or as described in 6. again. The separate window stays open.

  10. Clicking on the “Open/Close Sampler” button on the track panel brings back the whole lower zone too. And it doesn’t matter if the separate editor window was open or not. If it was open the separate editor window will be closed but the lower zon will be enabled again. :confused:

  11. Go back to 9… :wink:

This is a little bit annoying if you don’t want the lower zone shown.

Best regards

Hi! yes, just realized this too. Very annoying, as I don’t use the lower zone, and want all my edit windows to open in a floating window.

I even tried to uncheck the sampler track from the lower zone configuration so it doesn’t appear. Close the lower bar. Open the sampler track editor from a track, and boom, it appears back into the lower zone, overriding and reseting the configuration settings.

Could we please, Steinberg, have a constancy in this, and be able to have the sampler track editor to behave like we want, like we would do with any other editor (audio, midi etc…)?