Sampler track - can cubase do this?

Just watched a video about vocal stutters in Logic.

They guy snipped a bit of audio, right clicked on it and selected “create sampler track from audio”. Automatically, a new EXS24 track was created with the sample in it. The note triggering the sample was placed on the track at the same point at the original audio slice, and the slice itself was muted.

Anyway to do that so swiftly in Cubase?

the answer to your questions is in the title of the post.
Read the first two words and create a sampler track in cubase.
Then drag and drop and that should be the same functionality.
You need cubase 9 though.

kind regards

I don’t think this is currently possible with a single click by default, but you could probably create a macro.

Without macros, I think this is the fastest way to do it:
You can quickly create a Sampler Track from any audio slice by highlighting the slice, then Alt + right clicking and selecting Audio -> Create Sampler Track. This keeps the audio slice selected, so you can instantly mute it by pressing Shift + m or Alt + m, among other things. Alt + left click somewhere on the Sampler Track to create a MIDI part.

This is slightly slower than Logic for the purpose of creating vocal stutters, but it might give you more options.

Thanks Romantique for your reply and for understanding it was the speed and elegance of the logic solution I was after :wink: (rather than a unintelligent reply from someone who clearly hadn’t read the question)

Your suggestion is very good and while not quite as quick and complete as Logic is certainly a lot quicker than the way I had been working!

Not sure if Romantique actually means a “Slice” in the Cubase sense of the word as you can use any selected audio event (not just a slice).
He’s certainly correct that you can speed it up further with a short-cut key (assign the key of your choice to the “Create Sampler Track” command. Then all you need to do is select the cut bit of audio and press your keyboard shortcut. Not quite as elegant as the Logic right click but not too far off.

Thanks yes I think he did mean an audio event :slight_smile: The only thing missing is that Logic then places a note in the key editor where the old sample was although I don’t know how useful that is in practice…