Sampler Track cannot use on Cubase Pro 9 and 9.01.

Dear, Steinberg.

Sorry, I’m poor at English.

I purchased Cubase Pro 9 yesterday.
Currently, I’m in trouble by a critical issue about Sampler Track.


  1. Create empty project
  2. Add Sampler Track or Create Sampler Track.
    -> Sampler Control will do a whiteout by 100% accuracy.

    I did the following test.

    a. Clean install OS.
    d. Narrow one’s issue of causation, No third party plug-ins are installed because a problem becomes complex.
    b. Stop Anti Virus Software.
    c. Disable Firewall.

    I did the same test by other PC but result was same.
    Additionally, I downloaded Cubase Pro 9 Complete Installer many times but an installer is normal.

    My PC:
  • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 x64
  • Intel Core i7-920 2.67GHz
  • ASUSTeK Computer P6T Deluxe V2
  • Corsair TR3X6G1333C9 (*12GB)
    Video Card
    Audio Interface
  • Steinberg UR-28M
  • 9.0 and 9.01
    eLicenser Control Center

    Kind regards, (20.3 KB)

I add report.

The issue of Sampler Control happens in Tab only.
Drawing of Sampler Control Window is no problem.

The following URL are the movie which reproduced the issue.

In case of an ‘Add Sampler Track’:

In case of an ‘Create Sampler Track’:

The following are SHA-256 values of Cubase Pro 9:


Kind regards,

I thought it’s nonsense, but I did a bunch of test by other audio interface (Behringer XENYX Q802USB) in case.

=> There is no improvement.

Kind regards,

I add more information.

First, I uploaded a new movie to following URL for reference:

When redrawing, Sampler Control Tab is temporarily drawn correctly.

Step (after Sampler Control Tab did a whiteout).

  1. Do a or b or c.
    a. Switch Open/Close Sampler button
    b. Change Tab
    c. Resize Sampler Control Window

  2. A Sampler Control Tab is drawn correctly!

=> but Sampler Control Tab does a whiteout shortly…

Kind regards,

First, I updated eLicenser Control Center to

Next, I tested this issue again by several GPU driver version and familial PC.
But there are no changes in the situation.
-> Result = Sampler Control in Lower Zone does a whiteout.

Unfortunately, I cannot understand the cause of issue.
But all in Lower Zone except Sampler Control are operating normally.
So, I’m thinking it’s bug.

Kind regards,

Dear, Steinberg.

An issue was resolved.

I had been thinking that GPU or Audio Interface or these driver was the cause.
But the cause was driver of Logicool Mouse M500.
Sampler Track is operating normally after installing its latest driver (SetPoint).

I apologize to everyone.
Also, I leave movie files of Google Drive for a while.

Kind regards,