Sampler track crash in cubase 12 pro

cubase 12 pro try to open sampler track then crash.
put sample or playing note was quite ok.
but when I try to open sampler track edit window then crash.
very random but I’ve got crash report file.
plz fix this


Same here

Yes it crashes to many times! and after the crash when you restart the project the whole sample track won’t play the sliced sample…

Hey, could you please send me the crash logs in a private message? We would like to have a look! Thanks!

Cubase 12-2022-04-13-235845.ips (114.6 KB)
one more time…
it seems to be more often than 12.0.0

but I could know somethings wrong with “AGXMetalG13X”
same crash reported with that one

same crash, drag in sample from media bay, cubase 12 closes.

I’ve got a similar problem. Just tried to use sampler track, everytime I try to drag the sample into the window Cubase 12 pro crashes. I’ve still got Cubase 11 pro, so I tried to do the same thing in that (previously I had no problem with it) and it too crashed.
I need it to try something for a competition… really really annoying!

1: Open Cubase
2: Go to ‘‘Studio’’ tab
3: Go to VST Plug-in Manager ( (VST Instuments)
4: Delete all path settings
5: Restart Cubase

Finally solve this problem.
From cd11 i’ve got this problem around 1year,
I decided to delete every plist, folder,files which regard to cubase12.
Not even remain any cubase files in library/preference.
And after re-install,
Now not crash anymore