sampler track crashes Nuendo

I recently updated from Nuendo 7.4 to 8.2.

When I drag a sample into the sampler track it crashes Nuendo.

Also, the sampler track won’t receive MIDI Input even though i’m using the same input settings that work for every other MIDI track.

I’d appreciate any advice.


What file type is your sample, please? Is it MP3, AIFF, FLAC, WAV…? What bit depth/sample rate/compression…?

Could you share the crash dump via Dropbox or similar, please?

I found a solution in another forum thread. It had to do with plugins.

I deleted a couple of paths in the plugin manager to locations that I was no longer using and the sampler track started working.

I’m guessing that it might have been a path to 32 bit plugins that was causing the issue. I don’t know why that would interfere with the usage of the sampler track but i’m happy that it’s working and it can’t hurt to get rid of the extra baggage of the useless plugin paths.

Good to know, thank you.