Sampler Track Crashing

please help!!
everytime i try and load the sampler track cubase crashes ive just updated to cubase 11 just want to know how to fix this problem i really want to use the sampler track but everytime i open it it crashes
please someone help

Hi Levae_Levae

Welcome to the forum. Best to start a new thread rather hijack an existing one. I’ve done this for you .

You are probably going to need to post more details if you need help.

Have you tried deleting your preferences ?

sorry this is my first time here im kinda lost on here, no i havent done that i will try and do that then
thanks for replying… i didnt know who to ask

let us know if this fixed it :slight_smile:

thank you means alot

I’ve try it and it still crashes

do you get a crash file (dmp) if so can you post a link to it.

if on windows (?) anything in your windows event log ?

ok ill try i dont know much about computers but ill try

122220-15593-01.dmp i dont know if this helps

you need to post the actual file - you should be able to ‘zip’ it up and attach it to your post

i have no idea how to do that sorry

Thanks for your help appriciate it very much
i turn all my third party vsts off when i started cubase and it worked but when i turn everything back on it crashes again any ideas why??

Some VST plugins are buggy…

how will i know which one is buggy so i can deactivated please

it will be probably be referenced in the dmp file…

ok thanks alot for your help

as I mentioned - if you post it here then somebody may look