Sampler Track Defaults

All settings of the Sampler Track should be savable as defaults. No matter if these are envelope or filter settings, one shot, mono mode and so on.

Every time I use the “Create Sampler Track” function I have to change the default settings. For example I would prefer that the “Snap to Zero Crossing” function is always active when I create a new sampler track from an audio file out of the MediaBay or Media Rack.

this, and “keep setting when loading samples” option

why this resets on loading another sample for an existing Sampler Track is not user friendly.

There should be 2 options:

1: Safe As Default (like with other plugins)
2: Keep Settings (when loading content)

While we are at it, please fix the “Open Sampler Track in New Window” bug in Catalina/Cubase 11, this doesnt work with a short-key.

So much work, so little time :stuck_out_tongue:


Enable Lock Parameter Settings and load the new file.

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i just tried this!!! THANKS MARTIN YOU ROCK

I cant find this option anywhere. Where is it located?

Hi and welcome,

In the Sampler Control Toolbar, the lock button on the right. See more details in the manual here, please.

It’s possible, this is new since Cubase 11.