Sampler track has no sound

I have loaded a loop into a sampler track but am not getting any sound from the track. The loop in my sampler track window is plainly visible, but the meter is flat (signifying no signal) and the cursor does not move. I am new to this feature, so it’s possible I’m missing something simple.

there can be a lot of reasons for this, depending on how you set the track up and what you’re doing.
Basically, when you create a new sampler track, make sure it’s selected and the red “record enable” is on, you just draw a sample in and play some notes on your keyboard, the sample track should play your sample.
It’s basically behaving like an instrument track, it takes some midi input and instead of sending it to a VST it plays your sample pitch shifted to the key you pressed (or the notes in your midi part, when you record one or put some notes there).