Sampler Track Idea: In-place Beat Sequencer

The Sampler Track can only hold one zone, so most of the time you just want to play a percussion sample at the original speed. With an In-Place Beat Sequencer you could easily draw in percussion patterns without switching to a full editor.

I’ve set it up manually here:

It looks a bit messy and it’s a little tricky to set up, but the idea works. A dedicated in-place beat sequencer would be more convenient, since I believe the Sampler Track is aimed at newcomers too.

Visually, it could have the diamond shapes from the Drum Editor:

+1, this could help speed things up for people who use sample packs.

Yeah, that’s what I had in mind too. I wouldn’t have suggested this before the Sampler Track was introduced. Now something like this would make sense as a next step.