Sampler Track in MediaBay as "Sample Designer"

I resent coming up with this idea a bit, because I think MediaBay should be kept simple, effecient, and without anything that could cause problems, bugs, or issues…but…

Being able to tweak sounds and create new instruments as you’re browsing and then having the option to transfer to Cubase either as a Sampler Track or an audio export of the MediaBay Sampler Designer.

There could/should also be the option to Export to the MediaBay directory of which the file was taken from without overwriting the original.

I would love to be able to spend time just in MediaBay doing sound design without being burdened with adding tracks and what not, say, when I’m on a flight.


This should be a secondary user activated page in MediaBay that replaces the original file preview player.

Also, interesting thought perhaps - this new “SampleDesigner”, could also be a general menu Utility in Cubase that opens up as a Window just like the Direct Offline Processing window or Detect Silence window, etc.

This would give users the utility of the SamplerTrack, without having to create tracks, and perhaps they just want to do single file/sound source design to audio files/events.

edit 2

Also, in regards to the Transfer to SamplerTrack or Export to Audio Track protocols, there could be a range of different options here for example, transferring to other VSTis - Transfer to GrooveAgent, Transfer to Padshop, Transfer to Halion, etc

I use HALion as one big ROMpler and don’t try to build instruments from scratch within it. I use Kontakt for that because I believe the sample mapping features of Kontakt are superior. But I could be wrong.

It might be cool if there was a whole host of HALion specific sample mapping and instrument building features (as a hierarchical menu) within Media Bay for automating the process of building instruments from scratch in HALion (such as “Create HALion layer” from a selection of samples in Media Bay).

Or does HALion already include these capabilities?