Sampler Track Legato Mode Not Working

Hey guys, I’ve tried everything and the legato mode in the sampler track does not work for me. I have audio warp engaged, I highlighted the legato button, made sure that mono is selected but when I play one note, then play another note before releasing the first note, the second note starts from the beginning again. Is there anything else I’m missing?

When mono mode is on, legato doesn’t work. Silly, huh?
Legato only works with Audiowarp and only in polyphonic mode. :unamused:

Thank you so much man. I thought I was going crazy. It seems a little weird that it would function like that, but after messing with it, it’s definitely a different way of doing this. It’s sort of like you’ve got the best of both worlds at one time? Thanks again for clearing it up for me!