Sampler Track loading without controls

Having an issue where all sampler tracks in several sessions do not fully load. There are no controls loaded and the track (obviously) produces no output.

After the latest update, this appears to have begun…

Any thoughts?

I assume it doesn’t help to re-start Cubase and load the project again?

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Thank you, I tried that…
It seems to have no effect. I’ve even reinstalled Cubase.

Please rule out prefs problems by starting in Cubase Safe Mode with disabled preferences, and tell the forum the result.

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Thanks, however this seems to disable the option to open (and then test) a sampler track.

I opened Cubase while holding CTRL SHFT ALT. Is that the correct way to open it (WIN 10)?


That is weird, to say the least. The behaviour of my Cubase is different.
At this moment I got no idea what’s happening on your install.

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What specifically do you see at each step?

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I seemed to have a temporary, concurrent licensing problem (now resolved). So sorry for that confusion.

But I’ve since loaded a session with no preferences applied. The sampler track is still busted. I noticed it isn’t solo-able or mute-able either:

So, does Cubase treat the sampler like a hard-wired vst instrument? And if so, is there a problem with this instrument install or something?

Appreciate your suggestions.

Also, I then tried to get around this by Freezing the track, I get this message:

Screenshot 2023-05-02 183252 iii

Steve, I’ve since managed to load in Safe mode. The previous attempt had another problem (now resolved).


Yes, Sampler Track is an Instrument Track, in fact.

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Can you make a right click on the Sampler track and select “Enable selected trackss”?

Screenshot 2023-05-03 192054 iii
Sadly, my menu does not provide that. Thank you.

Well, that means the track already is enabled. That is good.

Let’s see if there is a hiccup in your preferences files.
Close Cubase.
On PC open an Explorer, enter the following into the address bar:


Then look for a folder called “Cubase_{something}”. That is your Preferences folder. In my case it is called “Cubase 12_64” as I use version 12 and the 64bit variant.
Move that Cubase folder to your desktop.
Start Cubase again.

Cubase will now create a new folder with the same name and factory settings in the %appdata% folder. Please check if that fixes the problem.
If not you can delete that newly created folder and move the one from desktop in its place (always close Cubase before working on that folder).

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Ok, I moved this folder:

C:\Users\R**n\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase LE AI Elements 12_64

Then booted Cubase and got this interesting warning!

So, the plug-in missing somehow? But how can this be restored?

Thank you for this diagnostic idea.

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I would recommend to reinstall Cubase. Make sure, you install it as administrator, please.


Do I uninstall it first, or just install over the top?

It worked - the reinstall fixed it. Thank you all for all your ideas and help.