Sampler track - major imrovements suggestions

Looking at the sampler track, I can’t help but imagine the potential it has as a sampler and as a remixing tool.

For example, the ability to import a song, or full track from a song, or create several sampler tracks, import tracks to each one, and then utilise variaudio to create hit-points within those tracks and map out each hit-point to a keyboard key would be so useful.
Also the ability to easily define key zones for hit-points would also very useful for extending the range of certain melodic hits.

That would be an incredibly powerful and versatile remixing style sampler. I could see this being infinitely useful for various styles of music.

As it stands, it seems severely limited and not much use at all.

I agree.

Actually you can more or less do it all with Groove Agent 4 SE.

what would be really neat is if any auditioned sample in the mediabay could now be played chromatically (prior to inserting it into the arrange), like in the simple sampler. or has this actually been implemented?

Next/Previous buttons which allow you to cycle through the samples in any given folder, or at least a way to audition samples while the project is playing, would be great. Sort of like how Groove Agent does it using the “Replace Sample” option. As it is right now, if you click “Import Audio File” the track stops playback once you’ve selected a sample to audition.

What i need is for sampler track to record samples directly on to the track instead of having to use an audio track first.

The sampler track is definitely not done cooking yet.

Multisample support is absolutely critical.

LFOs, too!

Including an ability to layer and Xfade - please

I am happy to have the basic sampler, but if Steinberg stepped it up, and brought in a few things to the table, it could be something that people would use more creatively.

I would like to see the things that the folks above me talked about, as well as flexible envelope/LFO routing to all of the paramters, so you can really move the filters, pitch, ect… Get some more movement and interest out of your samples.

You guys are onto a good thing here, and I hope to see you guys put some more time into expanding this. It has the potential to be an incredible feature for electronic music producers.

Id love if they had an extreme time stretching feature in the sampler.Anyone ever use pauls extreme stretch freeware?Incredible for sound design and ambient sounds.Perhaps they could make that software a feature of the sampler like the way they have the voxengo curve eq included?Can be annoying having to bounce files out to pauls extreme stretch and then import them back in.Anybody else like this idea?

+1 to all the above

I don’t understand why they put the sampler track in there. Groove Agent SE4 is so much better.

Ideally most if not all features added to Samplertrack would be use pre-processing only so that no extra CPU is used for realtime processing.
Somethings to consider;

  • auto align note pitch to keyboard (scan for predominant note value and sync to the keyboard range)
  • smooth loop/find loop

+1 to keep it simple!
+1 legato
+1 to next / previous sample
+1 to automate sample start loop start/loop length/ loop end
+1 sample offset

This one is just a simple request, a button to create a new sampler track with option for it to be armed for record.
And also Velocity for the on screen keys would be nice
Oh and sampler track gets name from the sample used after you add/change the sample.
Obviously the need to sample/resample quickly would be a big plus if you could select the source and start recording

Samples within the sampler are stored in a separate folder. That would be nice. Because I like a clean main screen. I deleted the track I made the sample with and then roved unused media in my pool. Then when I opened the project next time, my sample had been deleted. Samples should automatically be locked into being used. We should it have to keep the original sample track on the main screen

I was having trouble figuring out how to make loops repeat and fade the way I wanted to in Groove Agent but in the Sampler Track, it’s intuitive, then just use the send to Groove Agent Feature. Unfortunately, it sends to a new instance of Groove Agent, then you have to drag and drop it if you want to another. That is something they could fix.

I’m a convert. I see the value of it now. Also now at last, you can use your own samples in Halion, although I prefer Groove Agent.

I remember you saying exactly the same as zyguli some months ago about simple sampler. Nice it works for you

Only because the looping function in Groove Agent is so difficult for me to understand. I can see how it’s less work for Steinberg to have this track that works for Groove Agent and Halion rather than have to remake those VSTs, also there may be some people for whatever reason who still won’t use Groove Agent or Halion. It’s a very jerry-rigged and convoluted way to solve a problem. They should have made the sampler VST instruments right to begin with.

-1 to most of the above. Halion and Groove Agent offer all the sampling power anyone could need (to say nothing of third party offerings like Kontakt). I like the simple sampler right now because it’s just that: simple. Other simple samples of other DAW’s are a better reference point, like Simpler inside Ableton and the default sampler in FL Studio.

I’m not morally opposed to adding more features, of course, but anything that makes it more complex to use for its simple one-shot/single-cycle bread-and-butter use case is missing the plot, I think.