Sampler Track ( midi insert ) Settings not Restored on Load

Hi there,

The MIDI Insert ( Microtuner ) settings are missing on Sampler Track when the Song is Reloaded

  1. Create a sampler Track ( with SAW / Sine wave )
  2. Insert Microtuner MIDI Insert to one of the slots
  3. Tune all notes about 100 cents down, ( or in such a way ) so you can really hear the difference in tuning
  4. Save the song
  5. Save the Microtuner Preset ( before reloading )
  6. Reload the song
  7. Realize the MIDI Insert settings are missing, unless user reloads the saved Preset for Microtuner

This happens on windows 8.1 pro

This happens on win8.1 pro

Also happening on Mac

Please help fix this, Harmonious tuning is extremely important for Film Scoring

This is really easy to confirm ( with Microtuner plug-in )

Is there any way of knowing if someone at Steinberg has reproduced this?