Sampler Track Next/Previous Sample

Hello, I’m using Sampler Track very often and it’s really fast, light and simple… However I miss one very needed function - dedicated buttons or key commands for loading next/previous sample in the folder. Now, with Cubase 9.5 and added File Browser it seems to be very obvious to add it. Now I need to drag’n’drop each sample I want to try. Just imagine, I have kick drum loaded, my loop is playing and I want to choose another kick. I need to drag’n’drop every other kick from the browser to the sampler track to see how it fits in the mix - it’s very cumbersome and ineffective. I think it will be very easy to implement, just add these three options (or, at least, one of three):

  1. Two buttons for the next/previous sample in Sampler Track window
  2. Two key commands for the next/previous sample in Sample Track
  3. Some kind of modifier to load sample from File Browser to the active and selected Sampler Track (for ex., Alt + Enter will load currently selected sample in the File Browser to the currently selected Sampler Track).

Thank you.

Sorry, posted it in the wrong section, please move it to the Future Suggestions.