Sampler Track not working after reinstall of Windows 10

Hi, I have a wired issue:

  • I had to reinstall Windows 10 after a failed update
  • Kept all my data but not my apps
  • Reinstalled newest Version of Cubase 9
  • In my old projects “sampler track” does not work anymore (it does not play nor give me the possibilty to drop audio there)
  • In new empty projects everything seems to work
  • I uninstalled C9 and reinstalled it then again
    -> same issue
  • I tried the projects on another computer and there my old sampler tracks work just fine.

Now I am out of ideas (I try a workaround where I convert the sampler tracks into halion instruments on another machine and then try to load them again on my mein machine).

Anyone any ideas? Thanks in advance!

exactlly the samething has happend to me today i too am using windows 10.
ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling but samething is happening and also cubase 9 always crashes on exit and im getting severe glitching in my audio.