Sampler Track of Cubase 9

First: I wishes you good lick and all the best for 2017.
My issue: Why does the channel of a sampler track does not show up in the mixer?

There passed already a lot of time after release of Cubase Pro 9 during which Steinberg could make changes in Cubase iC Pro and release update. Or to prepare up-dating in parallel with preparation of the new Cubase Pro version. Because with the advent of Sampler Track and Lower Zone, it obviously didn’t become convenient to work with Cubase iC Pro. It would be desirable to know whether Steinberg works on this problem and when to wait for the Cubase iC Pro updating.

Quite right. When can we expect an iC Pro update?

There are so many improvements that could be made and so many things that need to be brought up to date with Nuendo and Cubase.

This is very bad PR for Steinberg.