Sampler track Q

Just wondering if we can save our Sampler track creations so they can be loaded easily in another project? Like a patch…I’d expect so…but it’s best to inquire.

Yes, you can. You can select your track, go to “File” > “Export” > “Selected Tracks”. Then you can go to “File” > “Import” >“Track from Archive”. Or you can use “File” > “import” > “Track from Project” to import it from the project where it was created.

So you’d have to remember which project you actually created a specific sampler track in …in order to recall it?
That sounds lame. Why not save it as a preset with a specific name? Easier…more efficient…more rational?

You can do that too :slight_smile: Save it as a preset in Sample Track - it will be savet as a Track Preset.

You just have to remember what name you gave the exported track, not the original song it came from.

The logical, in my opinion, way to use this feature as much like a preset as it can be is to create a directory for the exported tracks then give your exported tracks names that mean something to you (like you would with a preset you’d created). Then when you want to use a previously created sampler track you just go to your saved sampler tracks directory and import the one you want.

…and harraldsson’s answer is even better!

Thank you for your confirmation Harraldson. Saving as track preset floats my boat! :slight_smile: I haven’t yet upgraded from 8.5…just weighing my options…on the fence.