Sampler track question

I haven’t upgrade from 8.5 but I have a few questions about the Sampler track. Once I drag and drop some audio I have rendered in place onto the Sampler track, can I use the pitchbend wheel to alter the pitch in realtime when I play the note on my keyboard and then record the performance onto an audio track? As easy as that? This might make me upgrade asap if so!



It looks like that is indeed the case. There’s a PB range setter there so I would assume that the pitch bend control works. You may want to automate it so you can tweak it, then bounce it.

Yeah you can do exactly that.

I wish it would copy the audio file to the pool though. At the moment I’m dragging the audio file in to the project to an audio track, and then to the sampler so it references the file from my audio folder rather than a location that might change in the future.


This is great news.

And much more. So minimal looking but so powerful little thing. Still can’t believe they finally implemented ping pong to loop, this has been so long missing from Halion 4 that i gave up on it. Sampler track also makes me want to buy Groove agent 4 now :nerd:

Just out of curiosity… what advantage would upgrading to GA4 give you over the already bundled GA4 SE? In relation to the sampler track of course…