Sampler track Slicing Option

It would be great if the sampler track had the option of slicing and we could play with the midi keyboard.

Yes, it will be great. +100000000000 for this :slight_smile:

to be able to slice and drag drop slices to any notes on MIDI keyboard !!! that would be the ultimate thing !!!

I could use the 1st slice chromaticly on one octave, 2nd slice on another octave etc etc … G.A. can slice but you can’t remap the slices on pads…so sometimes i got a 1st slice i will never use, and it takes a pad/note, that’s not cool !!!


I agree!!

Of course you can. Just reset the pad to get rid of the slice or swap pads to move slices around.

THX, never tried this, as for me the slices where only “markers”…i thought if I used the cut/paste pad on a slice it would have messed the sliced on the full loop !!!

So I’ll try this as soon as i touch my cubase, and thanks again !

Yes! Like slice x for FL studio

Absolutely. Very excited to see developments like this sampler track. Slicing = YES PLEASE


probably this could be another track type? to avoid cluttering (just asking!.. )

It is a really good idea.

Plus the possibility to drag and drop the midi data of the slices into a midi track.

That would be wonderful.


+1 Great idea!

At first I thought this was included already but obviously it isn’t. +1 We really need this!!