Sampler Track vs The mangle ?

Sampler Track vs The mangle ?

I think there are few similitudes

I can imagine how an option like grain envelope, grain speed and some LFOs integrated could turn Sampler from simplicity to spectacular!

what do you think?

Can´t you drag n drop your samples to Padshop? it does the same job with more functionality

i recommend you the Drop:

free vsti for Halion 6,Se3,

You’re well in to Halion territory when you start adding granular synthesis to a sampler.

If you’re enjoying the mangle then upgrade to the full version of Halion.

You should give our DROP-CRE8 instrument a try. You will be pleasantly surprised by its capabilities. Most of HALion 6 granular capabilities but set up so it is very easy to use…and it is totally FREE.