Sampler Track

I must be confused in sampler track when i drag in audio, i expected that the audio file still could be processed by the audio tools available. How can i edit the sample cutting a part of the sample out, basic audio processing on the sample ?

Yes i know export to groove agent and halion is there. But basic editting tools like in wavelab are not there. And i have wavelab.
Is there a way i can reach the sample on the sample track. Export it, or find the audio in a directory.

Anyway, the sampler track is ok but maybe lacks functions.
Or i see it the wrong way, just need to de something with the audio that is on each sample track.

I cant seem to do this!
that cubase jumps to wavelab and shows me the audio sample in wavelab direcly?
Or in any fashion can i edit the sample that is on the sampler track?

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I think the Sampler track is designed to be more of an instrument than a sample editor. You set the start and end points, amp envelope etc and play the noise on the keyboard. You should bypass it completely if you want to process your audio.

It does not seem to be great of functions, when you say you need to dump it.
I like the sampler track for what it is, just need to process the audio sample more.
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I really like it. I wish you could sample directly into though. Just route stuff in and record. There is definitely room for more features for sure.

I basic i like it because i sample everything. I make use of Renoise where one shot samples are the main thing. The fact that cubase has sampler track is making it really a bit the same. You focus more on the sample (one shot one sample) and does it not make complex at all. Instead large sample libs with multi pressure samples etc, do not intrest me that much. So the Sampler Track is an outcome, also i like you can just add and remove sampler track like all other tracks, and it has a place that fits. If only in a smart way you could edit export the sample, i would be really more happy.
Renoise has functions on the sample, like cut paste etc fade in out volume, that is basic but works really well.

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Sampler tracks for me are in theory and use so far are a really great and quick way to re-use my own finished and personal audio samples in an existing or new project.

However, I contacted Steinberg some time ago pointing out the severe shortcomings of how they work.

Sampler tracks require these developments.

  1. Full User control of sample location (at the moment it is severely half baked, badly implemented/Broken)
  2. Non overwrite of existing sample settings when importing a new sample over existing.
  3. A slice function

Sampler tracks could be so utterly fantastic but at the moment, it’s a function that is half baked.

I agree with this - at the moment the general response from users and Steinberg alike seems to be ‘well you have Groove Agent / Halion’ . But it’s not the same - the sampler track is integrated.

To be fair, Groove Agent and Halion i have and are not the same. The sampler track should have some extra functions to make it real and cubase becomes way more mature. And it could be well worth it if the Samples Track can have import export audio sample or dir. And have all audio processing functions of cubase available on the sample. Even if you could only drag the sample to an audio track again.

I had a soundcard/software sampler back last century (Turtle Beach Maui) that was more fully featured, and have been using an Emu E4K for the last 15 years. I was really looking forward to editing on a monitor again. Specifically, multisampling to allow for velocity switching and sample-accurate loop point setting would be great additions.

Well one of the positive things is in Cubase 10 or 10.5 the sample is copyed to the Audio directory.
So if i wanna change or edit the sample, i can now do it with the samples that are placed in the audio dir of the project.

The second is working with one shot samples on about 16 tracks (midi to sampler tracks) the CPU usage dropped a lot.
I used to work with Groove Agent and Halion, where it can be processing would be hurt.
Now with the sampler track in use on 16 tracks, the cpu usage is very low.
So thx!