Sampler Track

I haven’t used the Sampler track on C9 or C10, because there was Issues and I couldn’t be bothered. With the new features I wanted to give it a go again, but:

  1. The Sampler Control will always open in Lower Zone. I don’t use the Lower Zone. It’d be great to be able to choose to use Sample Control in its dedicated window (like with MIDI editor). Obviously it can be done, using the arrow on the top right. But it’s cumbersome to do this always.

  2. When creating a Sampler Track (windows 10), Cubase will open the Sampler Control in the Lower Zone, while changing my fullscreen edit window to suddenly change into a smaller detached window. Everytime I want to access the Sample Control, this will happen.

Can others reproduce?


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I have same experience with opening a ‘Sampler Track’ track …it detaches the main project window from full screen and moves it sideways partially out of view.
My system is a 4k monitor running Windows 10 with HDPi set to 125% in Windows settings. In Cubase version 10.5 I had HDPi turned off. Opening Cubase 11 HDPi was set ‘On’ by default. Turning HDPi off in Cubase 11 fixes this problem but leaves me unable to utilise the HDPi feature.

Same here…Opening or closing sampler control causes windows to decrease size.

Similar issue when creating instruments and samplertracks from mediabay as described here

Same problem here! Windows 10, 4K scaling 150

I have the same issue.