I have been dreaming of a sampler track for a while. Here’s my idea:

  • Start working at a regular audio track
  • Cut the audio in bits like on the attached image
  • Then trigger each audio-part via midi directly!
  • Each audio part should be mapped automatically to notes on the keyboard like on the image attached

    So magically an audiotrack could double as a sampler. It would save a whole bunch of clicks compared to dragging to a sample and make it superfast and fliexible to work with!

Turning a track into a sampler track could have some simple options:

  • Monomode - trigger each part as is
  • Portamento, calculate a slide/ morph from one audio bit to another. Algorythms for this is already developed in Padshop.
  • Polymode - each sample would be assigned to ascending midi channel

never mind stuff like loop point etc. envelope is set pr bit of audio

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