Sampler Track

I must say, I really like the new sampler track. I find myself using it all the time, especially for drums and percussion. It doesn’t do velocity layers and some of the other things more complete samplers do but I don’t use multi-sampled drums that often. It handles most of what Simpler or a Battery cell does. I pretty much always use samples for drums, I don’t think I’ve ever used anyone’s canned kit.
In 8.X, I had to create a MIDI track for each drum, then create an output for each cell in Battery or Groove Agent. It was a PITA and the MIDI wasn’t associated with the audio (I always hide MIDI tracks in the mixer). Now keeping track of that stuff is trivial. It also makes gain staging simple, a bit of subtraction easily gets you to your reference regardless of the sample you drag into it.
Really nice job, thanks!

How do you handle the fact it’s not copying the audio file to the audio folder? Do you drag the audio file to an audio track first before dragging it to a sampler track or are you not bothered by it referencing a file outside of the audio folder?

I’d use the sampler track far more if it had a velocity layers. I do understand it’s a slippery slope though, once you have velocity layers you may as well have round robins etc

I like the sampler track too!

Personally I keep samples and soundFX in a separate folder so I don’t really worry about these becoming lost or deleted sometime later. Also when I’ve finished a track I tend to render all the VSTi’s to WAVs so I can easily get the mix back in the future - i.e. avoid future version incompatibilities.

But I definitely agree that it needs an option to import the samples to the Pool - preferably into a ‘Samples’ sub-folder too, or something like that.

I hope they add more features as time goes on…


Has adding the sampler track samples to the pool been added on the feature request list?

yeah i put it in a few weeks back but I’m sure it wouldn’t do any harm for someone else to as well.

The same could be done with groove agent though it’s slightly different as you get quite sizeable kit’s and it could turn in to a logic situation where if you have mountains of presets etc for each folder.


Shall add my vote to your request.

Right click on the sampler track folder in the pool window and select Prepare Archive.

Ah - brilliant, look at that.


I am in love with the sampler. It is already being used very heavily on my latest project and I simply couldn’t go back to not having it. The integration is absolutely awesome and although the sampler has minimal features, it has enough functionality for everything I use it for.

This was always a real missing feature in Cubase for me, and 3rd party samplers never integrated tightly enough or where quick and easy to get to. Simply being able to right click on an item in MediaBay and creating a sampler track from the file is outstanding!

Good, good, I hadn’t noticed that - Thank you! But note that this operation will also bring any other audio files into the project Audio folder as well not just sampler files. I really wish we could do it just for selected pool items or pool folders because I quite often share WAVs across an album project and I wouldn’t want to duplicate those too.


Only had a day. to work with it. I absolutely love it too, but isn’t dragging wav to sampler track making a copy of it? So if i change the original file the sampler one will change too? Did not notice it but guess it’s easy to make dublicate before the drag.

Second thing, when i drag it to sampler, it creates automatically sampler track. But this track is created at the end of my project, i want it to be created next to the original track. I had 150 tracks on this project and lot’s of zooming and nonsense.

Check out the audio pool, all sampler samples end up there. If you drag from your project, it creates a copy for the sampler so the original versions stays unaffected.

I agree completely about your second point, that annoys me too.

Recently, I tried a few different DAWs (something I do from time to time) and I realised how good the Cubase sampler implementation is compared to everything else.

Logic: You can’t easily create an EXS24 sampler while browsing files, and creating a sampler from an audio clip is multiple steps as it doesn’t map the sample to the entire keyboard. Oh and have you actually looked at EXS24? I think it needs a re-design ASAP, they should have worked on that ages ago, it looks absolutely awful and like something straight out of the 90s.

Studio One: Very good, but the sampler filter SUCKS, and i mean SUUCCCCKKSSSS and hurts the quality of the sample heavily.

I will try out Bitwig and Ableton soon to see how they do it. What was once a huge advantage in Logic is now a million times better in Cubase.