Sampler Tracker Issue

Hello everyone!
I’m amazed by the new Cubase Pro 9, but I’m experiencing a strange issue.
Just after the installation, the new sampler tracker were perfectly working, but after the installation of some plug ins I have, It begun to have some issue.
I mean: It should be an option when I create a new track, right? Audio track, Midi, VST and Sampler, which is new.
It works only If I treat the sampler like a VST instrument:
infact I can open it clicking on new track- vst instrument - Cubase 9 - components - sampler track

But it seems it’s not the perfect sampler tracker. Infact, I cannot see the keyboard and I feel it’s very important If I want to create samples in key of the song I’m producing.
Also the window seems reduced.

Anyone can help me?


Sorry, I’m not sure, I got your point. You cannot use Sampler Track as an Instrument track.

Hi man! Well, the thing is not just about the VST thing. The sampler tracker is not working properly.
Sometimes I drop audio into it and Cubase crash.

I contacted the support, but any other advice is welcome

What file type do you import to the Sampler Track?

Could you share the crashdump file with me (via PM and Dropbox), please?

I am having the same issue. My computer is fairly new, Cubase 9 working perfectly for about a month then today I tried adding a sample to the sampler track and got the exception crash warning. I have not added any thing new to my computer since before this happened.