Sampler Tracks Render REX Files Useless?

Anybody else use REX files? All is well when you preview REX files in the browser UNTIL you use a Sampler track. After you use a Sampler track, you’re unable to preview or drag out REX files. Try it. Why would these things even be related?

It’s frustrating because I like to use REX files and Sampler tracks in my projects!

I am new to cubase 13 and have a lot of REX files and can’t audition or drag them from Media bay. Are the y not supported in 13?

Edit: I don’t mind converting the Rex files into wavs if anyone knows of a batch converter tool for PC that does this?

There were people with the same problem in Cubase 12 while for me REX import works just fine. You can use the forum search to find the thread.

The Rex files now play from the browser and drag and drop :thinking:
If it stops again I can always use Kontakt or Dr Rex as a plugin.

Get the Reason Rack VST Plugin…
Use the Rexfiles inside reason plugin.
Problem Solved.