Sampler tracks very cool and fun to work with..

Just wanted to say how much I was enjoying the sampler track yesterday doing some routine drum programming duties. Very much enjoying the simplicity as I am not quite of the mind to delve into Kontakt quite yet though I own it. (Coming from an AKAI S3000 years and years ago) I kind of know how sampling can be a pain but also incredible creatively. “Fun to work with” and “sampler” co-existing in the same sentence is not always a given. :laughing:

I would of course love to see more functionality of sampler tracks developed in the future but also keep the easy to use, drag and drop and play a sample approach. Well happy with the basics that I never even had to read the manual for. Reminds me a little of Battery 2 in approach and ended up with some really punchy snare drum and a nice smooth hats. (Of course chosen sound sources/processing being critical on that front)

Nice to be able to fling my own processing quickly into the insert points in the usual way making things quick, familiar and easy to dial in the basics. Top job on it IMO and look forwards to some other new features. :sunglasses:

Yeah I love sampler tracks too.

Desperately want it to have move features but I think that’s probably a sign of how much I like using them.

Well being honest it has been quite a while since I have used a sampler (last time an Akai S3000 :astonished: ) and in the last 18 months I have started making music in my spare time. Not every day, usually a couple of times a week is typical… just when I feel the time is right, I keep it fun as my day job is in audio and I need something quite far removed from that in leisure time (pure ITB synth productions). I had a very long break from any music making activities. (about 15 years)

So the simplicity currently works fine for me. I may miss some more powerful sampler functionality as I get to grips with it but so far it seems totally fine for quick, easy integrated sample import/use. Especially drums so far sounds tight and good in the sampler tracks. In fact just before I updated to v9 I was considering to start to learn Kontakt which I may end up doing in the future anyway so in fact it pushed to investigate 9 seriously and so far I am very glad I did. I see quite a few people having some problems on the board and I hope they get some resolution soon as it very clearly can work well according to my own experiences. Must be tricky for Steinberg cause it is cross platform. (system below, nothing special by any means but tested out properly and clean install) I am using synths from pretty much every well known developer and so far all working fine.

FWIW: The system had brand new 16GB mem installed recently and I tested it at low level and it checked out, new BIOS flashed (old motherboard needed for W10 64) and of course latest drivers for old PCI card (2011 !) and it is a clean install DAW use only and goes with saying really no cracks used at all, pure 64 bit, no Sentinel black listed plugs, ASIO Guard set to High, latency 12ms and once everything played/programmed and final mix begins I set that to 100ms and get a bit of CPU drop/ASIO headroom.

Yea lots of people put these tracks through the paces right when it first came out… Lots of suggestions have been submitted, mine focused a bit on improving drag from Mediabay for more patch controls right off the start.