Sampler - Using Roland samples

New to 9.5 and did not know about this feature.
Been looking at vids on the new features.
My question is:
I have tons of sample CDs for my Roland samplers.
Is there a way to convert and use these in Cubase?


What files type are these Roland samples?

It is a propriety format for Roland samplers. Halion can read the ISO image for the sampler CD and load it. This can then be save in Halion format.

I think you need the full Halion for this. If you don’t have it, maybe a friend does and you bring the drinks and snacks for a conversion party. :smiley:

I converted my Roland libraries ages ago so haven’t looked at this recently. But there was a program I think called x-translator (or similar) that converted formats. Try checking KVR to see what conversion software is floating around now.

That said, I discovered my old Roland samples, which seemed so good at the time really don’t hold their own against newer libraries.

Thx for the info.
I’m looking at all my Spectrasonics libraries in Roland format.
Most if not all are still relevant today.
I agree, the Roland stuff is very dated.

Probably the best sample converter is Chicken Systems Translator

I have an old CD of Chicken Systems - not sure it converts in that direction (Roland to wav).

Oh it does, or at least did back when I used it. Can’t imagine the capability would be removed. I didn’t know they still existed.

Turns out my version of Translator is the Giga edition.
Pretty sure it won’t do what I need.