Samplers->Import To Pool

When I backup a project, it saves all the audio from the project pool, but it doesn’t save the files referenced by samplers, like the sampler track. So for instance, if I have a project with some audio files and some sampler tracks, and I back it up and open it on another computer, the audio tracks will load up great! BUT… the sampler tracks won’t load up anything.

It would be nice to have an option for the sampler track that adds the audio to the project pool when it’s loaded into the sampler track. This would be much better for sharing projects or backing projects up. I understand that it might be difficult to do that for 3rd party samplers like Battery or whatever… but for plugins that are built in and already integrated into Cubase, like the sampler track or Groove Agent, there should be an option for this.


When you drag an audio file to the sampler track it is already added to the pool.

Oh wow. I just tested it and it actually does… I could swear that I tried earlier and it didn’t… maybe it was another bug though…

Well, I guess it would be great to also see this feature applied to Groove Agent as well.

If the subject of your topic is “Sampler Track” one wouldn’t presume you’re talking about a VST plugin from Steinberg or other dev.

Okay, changed to “samplers -> import to pool”

Although, I was including the Sampler Track, and for some reason the sampler track didn’t import to the pool when I first tried it. Probably some kind of bug though.