Samplertrack drag - drop question ...

I tried what is said on the helpsite about sampletrack, (Exploring the new Sampler Track in Cubase 9 : Ask.Audio), but dragging a 16 bit wav is not working, neither from a folder or the desktop. Am i missing something in the setup preferences of C9, or does it simply not work? regs, F.


What does it mean, it’s not working? The file is not loaded to the Sample Track?

What Cuabse version exactly do you have? Make sure, you have the latest update installed. In the earlier versions, there were some drag-and-drop bugs.

yep, dragging and not loading. stop-sign icon. One can import via the little import envelope icon in the samplertrack window though. Win 10 64bit, ATI graphics, Cubase 9 pro latest version.

UPDATE: found it works via the media bay … F