"Samples and Royalties" How does it work?

Hello all. Don’t know if this is the correct forum to ask this, but here goes… How do samples and royalties really work? For example, can the VST_Sound_Loop_Set_Urban_PC be used in making a record? Is this royalty clear to use without any hassles? Another one would be in Cubase itself, the samples in Media Bay, Loop Mash and Beat Design. Same question, are these OK to use in making a record? You get writers block sometimes and these tools are very inspiring! Thanks a million to all answers. Never truly got a clear understanding of this. :blush:

No idea what VST_Sound_Loop_Set_Urban_PC would be, but generally, you are allowed to use included samples and synths for public use without royalties. Best bet is to read the EULA that came with your purchase.


Thanks J for your reply. The VST Sound Loop Set is a set of nice samples of drum kits and different sounds offered by Steinberg. i just used this one as an example to state my question. i’ll go back and check out my download to this product to check out the EULA. This is a good start. Thanks again. Any other thoughts still very welcome!

I have very simple question, without beating around bush.
Imagine: I’ve purchase, full 6.5 cubase version, and record a hit , hit that tops charts simply out of the wave forms and beats and loops and what not supplied in Cubase 6.5. meanning I make a lot of money with my song. Might not be recognizable as a final product that’s made out of Cubase but at the end of the day it is done that way.
Is that permitted?
Am I supposed to pay the royalties to someone, or it’s ok because I have purchased full cubase for full price. Please advise. Eula doesn’t explain precisely any scenario like this.

All the sounds and loops included in Cubase or any other DAW are completely royalty free! You can use these till your heart is content. Regardless of it being a #1 hit or not. Your hit, your money!

Not sure about the additional “packs” you can purchase, but I would think they would be too, or you could treat them as so, since you purchased the license to use them.

Thanks for the reply. That meant a lot. It’s not that anything will ever just get made that way - it was just hypothetical question to help clarify things.
One more time - thanks.