Samples Beginner Question

I’m new to sampling and have a question.
When i choose a sample from a sample library does it import into the project folder ?
Or, does it stay where it is and be used as reference ?
I’d like to have all my sample files copied into the project folder so that when i back up a project i have a copy of everything.


It depends, what exactly do you mean by this.

If you drag and drop any Audio file (wav/aif/MP3) to the project, the Import Options dialog appears (by default, you can change it in the Preferences). In this dialog, the Copy All Files to Project Folder option is enabled. In this case, the audio file is copied to the Project/Audio folder. The same applies for import audio files from MediaBay to the project.

But, if you are using any instrument (as Instrument Track or Rack Instrument), these samples are not copied to the Project folder (it also doesn’t make sense to do so). The sample is handled by the instrument itself completely.

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Ah OK Thanks Martin.
I’ll get sampling now. Many Thanks.