Samples cut off, auto-unmute & no-grid resolution

I just had 4 great hours with Cubasis, it’s really fun to play with!

3 things that occured to me:

  • When I unsolo a track all other tracks are unmuted. Is that on purpose?

  • The samples get cut off suddenly on some midi tracks when using the built in sound. It works with other apps, though? Processor bar shows about 50 percent (iPad 3), maybe 10 audio tracks and 6 effects alltogether.
    Restarting doesn’t help.

  • The grid resolution is still not fine enough when disabling it. It can be hard to line up audio properly.
    Doubling percussive sounds and parallel compression is impossible this way.

If the other tracks are not soloed as well then yes this is normal.

I agree 100% on the grid resolution. Many things there a work around for but this isn’t one of them. You can’t edit or move things precise enough and things are sloppy because of it. Please allow us to have a finer grid resolution. Preferably one that is based on how far in we are zoomed.

Yes grid of is the same resolution like 64/tel.
It is not precisely enough.

+1000 for all requests!

I never got the weird Mute/Solo behavior and the grid resolution definitely needs to be higher.At least in the sample editor!