Samples lining up musically

Can anyone tell me why when I import some wav samples they won’t line up in time in Cubase?

I insert one (8 bars), but when I insert the next, there’s a gap at the end of the first???


What are your snap settings?

here’s the problem I have -

On import set the cursor to the position you want to import, or set the correct üroject tempo…

  1. Are the files tagged for tempo? Check the sample editor to see if the tempo or bars+beats is set.
  2. Check that the sample is in musical mode, again in the sample editor. Otherwise it would just play straight rather than synchronized to the bars and beats.

It’s just a coincidence the default tempo in Cubase (120bpm) was close to the BPM of the sample.
Make sure the sample is clean and looping, and would actually fit exactly in those 8 bars.

The sample is clean & fits (works no problem in Sonar X3)…

What I’ve had to do in Cubase 7.5 is manually adjust the tempo of the sample after importing.

When I first import a sample and look at it in the sample editor, the tempo says 120. Is Cubase reading the original file tempo as 120 OR is it not checking the tempo and just defaulting to 120?

When I adjust the tempo of the sample in Sample Editor (to 97bpm), it works and fits fine.

It would be good if Cubase could do that for me automatically ???

Can that be done?


Simply enter the correct tempo information into the file

Errrmm :-\ … How do I do that (working on a collaboration, these are wav’s someone has sent to me)

…I’m new to Cubase been a Sonar user but X3 hasn’t been reliable for me & still waiting on 6 support requests from Cakewalk… :frowning:

Annoying thing is, I can just drop them into Sonar X3 at any tempo and they just work.

If you know the amount of bars+beats, you can enter that in the sample editor rather than the tempo. It would calculate it from the length of the sample and these points of data.

It is possible the sample is tagged in a method Sonar understands but Cubase doesn’t. I’m not sure there’s a standard for tagging tempo.