Samples & Loops in Trial Versions - Useable outside of them?

Hi, a friend told me that the sample loops and similar data in the trial versions installed along with Cubase 7 complete can also be used with other programs such as HalionSonic SE so that I should install them even if I’m not thinking of using those programs at this moment in time or purchasing them. At least in past years that was the case. That some of those libraries installed with the trial versions (or enough to make it worth the space) would cross over in use with Halionsonic SE or any other generic loop player or sample player to make it worth installing.

Is that true?

If so, what’s the best way to go about that? Should I install and when it times out, trash all but the data?
can I just install the loops and samples, etc.

Just wondering if it’s worth the time and effort. I just purchased Cubase 7 for the first time to use on my MacBook Pro via one external FW 800 drive for samples and loops and data. So I don’t have a lot of space to waste.

Thanks in advance and I’m glad to finally have joined the Cubase users group here on
I hope to learn a lot about this cool program as a songwriter and a composer of film music dreaming about the years ahead.

Aki :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


This is an interesting question. HALion Sonic SE and HALion Sonic are not proper samplers in that you can not directly get your samples into them. HSSE can only play “Programs” that have already been created and HS can load “Sample Layers” that have already been created but you can’t really modify the samples inside of those programs or layers. So, with those two, the samples, loops, etc. that you get with Cubase 7 aren’t really useful.

You CAN drop these samples into Padshop (Pro version only I think), HAlion 4, and Groove Agent ONE and do whatever you want with them.

You also can’t drop those samples into Battery on Kontakt. Since the samples don’t actually exist on your hard drive as individual sample format files, but embedded in .vstpreset files, you won’t be able to access them by most third party sampler players.

I hope that helps.