Samples sometimes stop working

Hi there,

so the samples i created by dragging audiostuff into Sampler Control sometimes stop working.
I have made over 100 Samples by now, and saved them as presets.
But when i load them not all work in every project. Some might not work in one project but work in another.
Sometimes some samples just stop working after a while.

The main problem is: If a sample in a project stops working, i have no idea how to get it to work again. Deleting the track and loading the sample again doesnt work, restarting Cubase doesnt work. I can use the sample in another project, but not in the project it stopped working.

I was able to reproduce the problem by dragging in 100 Samples at once.
In the project, the first 38 Samples (in alphabetic order) worked, the rest didnt.

There has to be a way to get a sample that stoppes working to work again.

I appreciate every help,

Here’s a picture of what i mean.

When the sample stops working the locator doesnt move anymore.

No idea, anymone?