SampleTank4 crashes in Cubase and Dorico


My Cubase Elements 10 (and 10.5 as well) crashes when I try to create an instrument track with SampleTank4 plugin (vst3).

This does not happen with other plugins (for example SampleTank3).

I’ve opened a ticket to IK MULTIMEDIA and they told me that this is a Cubase issue with plugins that use Open GL (they also send me the following link to read: [url][].

I’ve noticed also that the virtual instruments of the plugin are not browseable in the media panel.

I’ve made a dump of the crash (The error is an Access Violation - Failed to access 00000000`00000000 memory address (Read Access) at a SampleTank4 memory location.).

It’s a quite big file. I’ve been able to attach only the following excerpts:

Is it this a general cubase issue?

Thank you.


Update to 10.5.10 did not solve the problem.

zip the dmp generated by Cubase to attach it. images are not useful.


I’ve attached both the dumps of Cubase Elements and Dorico Elements (VSTAudioEngine .dmp file). Perhaps both programs crash for the same issue.

Both programs crash when I try to open the Sampletank4 plugin editor.



VSTAudioEngine22.1.20.518 64bit 2020.3.21 18.14.dmp (395 KB)
Cubase Elements 64bit 2020.3.21 (576 KB)

ST4.0.9 works for me. At some point, there was a buggy version, but that’s a while ago.
CB Pro 10.5.12

Interesting, I’ve got the same ST4 version and the same cubase versione but the Elements one.

Maybe my computer i3 6GB RAM DDR3 does not cope the memory/cpu load?


Maybe deinstall and reinstall ST4? I happened to use ST4 all day, no problems.